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Application Form

(Person in charge)
Name: Hyeyoung Choi
Position: Researcher
Organization: School oh Pharmacy, Sungkyunkwan University
Economy: Republic of Korea
Telephone: +82-31-290-7723
E-mail: baguette77@skkuedu
Topic CoE Pilot training : Supply Chain Intergrity
Objective (Summary)
(Roadmap(if necessary))
- To promote global medical product Quality and Supply Chain Intergrity
- To promote regulatory convergence on global and regional strategies for medical product integrity and supply chain security among APEC economies by 2020

[Training curriculum]
-Track and Trace
- Good Distribution Practice
- Clinical and Retail Pharmacy
- Good ImportExport Practice
Expected date 2019-08-27 to 2019-08-29 (Total 3 Days)
Expected Venue (Economy) Seoul, Republic of Korea
Expected No. of Guests 100 Open
Expected Total Cost of the Event $200,000 USD
Requested Support Areas from the AHC
( see the attachment)
Travel Expenses
‒ 10 trainess
‒ 6 international speakers

Project event cost
‒ Conference room rental
‒ Specialized materialsequipment needed
‒ Banners
‒ Conference kit
‒ Photocopying and Video recording
‒ Interpretation
‒ Expenses to develop teaching and training materials
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