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Application Form

(Person in charge)
Name: Lahouari Belgharbi
Position: Managing Director Center of Excellenece COFEPRIS
Organization: COFEPRIS, Pilot Center for GRM
Economy: Mexico
Telephone: +521 55 54 36 10 65
E-mail: lbelgharbi@cofeprisgobmx
Topic APEC Training course on Good Registration Management GRM
Objective (Summary)
(Roadmap(if necessary))
Promote the concept of Good Registration Management GRM and thereby enhance mutual trust for regulatory convergence among the APEC economies by 2020
Expected date 2019-07-02 to 2019-07-04 (Total 3 Days)
Expected Venue (Economy) Mexico, Mexico City
Expected No. of Guests 200 Open
Expected Total Cost of the Event $475,640 USD
Requested Support Areas from the AHC
( see the attachment)
$409,148 USD
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