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Application Form

(Person in charge)
Name: AHC Secretariat
Position: Researcher
Organization: AHC Secretariat
Economy: Republic of Korea
Telephone: +82-2-1234-5678
E-mail: ahc1234@kpmaorkr
Topic [Sample] Regulatory Harmonization
Objective (Summary)
(Roadmap(if necessary))
To promote regulatory hamonization in APEC Region
Expected date 2017-05-01 to 2017-05-01 (Total 1 Days)
Expected Venue (Economy) Seoul, Republic of Korea
Expected No. of Guests 100 Open
Expected Total Cost of the Event 00 USD
Requested Support Areas from the AHC
( see the attachment)
1 Logistics Support
- Program committee meeting related duties
- Invite traineespeaker and related duties
2 Financial Support
- Video recording
- Travel expenses for 11 traninees and 4 speakers
Others brillys
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