Governments in developed countries are increasingly challenged to improve 3R policies; Reduce, Replace and Refine. A great deal of regulatory efforts are being put into minimizing the sacrifice of animals employed in testing. Part of the endeavor is demonstrated in the fact that EU has imposed a ban on animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients. Against this backdrop, the EU, USA and Japan have created centers in their own jurisdictions to develop and validate alternative test methods. To keep up with this global trend, the KFDA founded the Korean Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods (KoCVAM) in November 2009 within the National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation(NIFDS). The center was founded based on the Laboratory Animal Act of Korea to formulate and implement policies for promoting alternative test methods.


  • KoCVAM seeks to institutionalize alternative methods through various activities to build cooperative relationships with both domestic and foreign organizations and to review and validate proposed alternatives. KoCVAM also intends to keenly respond to these global trends by introducing globally promoting alternative test methods developed by Korean organizations.


  • Providing policy support regarding the development and acceptance of alternative test methods that replace animal testing.
  • Executing validation and peer review of new and revised alternative test methods and proposing related guidelines
  • Building cooperation with both domestic and foreign organizations (e.g. ECVAM, ICCVAM and JaCVAM) and participating in international collaborative studies
  • Providing education & training and information regarding alternative test methods
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