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AHC's role

With endorsement of more CoEs on the horizon, the RHSC recognized the need for coordination of activities related to pre-CoE workshops, Pilot CoE Programs and formal CoEs.

Therefore, the APEC Harmonization Center (AHC) was endorsed as CoE coordinator at the first Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in February 2017.

The following is the areas of pilot program for APEC Training Centers of Excellence (CoE) pilot program for APEC Training Centers of Excellenct (CoE) :

  • Maintain a public website to provide general information on APEC CoEs, mandatory items (Promotional Filer, Registration Form, Agenda, etc.) from the CoEs
  • Maintains online system for receipt of CoE-related applications
  • Will manage written communications regarding CoE operations including approval letters, MoUs, assessment documents, etc. and will maintain a repository of CoE operating document (most updated versions of Operating Guidelines, templates, etc…)
  • Convene CoE Directors annually to discuss operations, challenges, issues of concern to Directors, and report progress and recommendations to RHSC