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e-Learning Center

AHC operates AHC e-Learning Center to provide various online training program accessible from anywhere and anytime, meeting needs of training in achieving regulatory harmonization in pharmaceuticals in the APEC region.

The AHC provides its first training course of ICH E2 Guidelines from 2016, which was developed by the cooperation between AHC and ICH. As the second program, the AHC has developed and launched online training programs for ICH Q8, Q9, and Q10 guidelines in 2017. 

The program is available to anyone free with a sign up* at the AHC e-Learning Center.

*For signing up, you can click the button “Sign up” at the top right-corner of the front page or you can register this site at the menu “Membership”.

We welcome your suggestions and comments. If you have any comment or question on e-Learning Center as a whole, you can leave us message via course survey or email ( Your opinion will be reflected to meet users needs and improve courses and the Center itself.

You can link the AHC e-Learning Center to other websites for a training purpose. We appreciate that if you could send us email at before adding the link.

Click to visit the AHC e-Learning Center.