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Application Form

(Person in charge)
Name: Mr Luis Enrique MORENO EXEBIO
Position: Coordinator of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Laboratory
Organization: National Institute of Health of Peru INS Peru
Economy: Peru
Telephone: +51 996728185, +511 7480000 annex 1527
E-mail: lmoreno@insgobpe
Topic Public-Private Dialogue PPD on experiences and good practices in quality control tests for Biotechnological products in APEC economies
Objective (Summary)
(Roadmap(if necessary))
Consumption of biotechnological products has grown recently One of the reasons is that there is proof that they are effective for patients with cancer, immunological andor blood disorders
Developed economies implement strict control tests for these products, due to their impact on population’s health and sanitary budget This project proposes to hold a PPD to provide APEC economies guidance on biotechnological products´ regulation and quality assessment, knowledge sharing experiences and good practices for the development and the implementation of quality standards to facilitate testing and regulating biotechnological products, aiming to decrease its time for approval and improve population’s access to quality biotechnological products

This project seeks to identify and elaborate a set of quality standards for specific biotechnological products for voluntary implementation by APEC economies These recommendations will be proposed based on the discussions and exchange of experiences at the PPD to be held

Expected outcomes include interdisciplinary and health teams of APEC economies acquiring expertise on the mentioned topics A Guide of Recommendations will be elaborated to facilitate trade of these products
Expected date 2020-10-22 to 2020-10-23 (Total 2 Days)
Expected Venue (Economy) Lima, Peru
Expected No. of Guests 60 Open
Expected Total Cost of the Event USD 91,504
Requested Support Areas from the AHC
( see the attachment)
Labor and Personnel:
- Video recording and photography
- Simultaneous translation
- Technician and equipment rental

Travel Expenses:
- 10 active participants
- 4 international speakers

Publication and Distribution Costs:
- Brochures and newsletters
- Conference proceedings

Project Event Cost:
- Conference room rental
- Secretariat room rental
- Specialized materials and equipment for the event
- Banners
- Conference kit
- Photocopying and communication costs
- Expenses to develop teaching and training materials

Amount requested: USD 72,549

[Note: The differential amount between the total cost of the event and the amount requested will be covered by the INS Peru]
Others None
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