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The APEC Harmonization Center is now receiving 2021 application form via AHC website.
In 2021, there will be an option available to hold training virtually, and the deadline for 2021 proposal for AHC’s support is October 31st, 2020.
If you would like to apply, please click the [Write] button in the right corner of the page.

Before submission, please refer to the SOP and Financial Guidance below for your reference.
As the contents will be updated periodically, please make sure to check the most recently updated version before submission.

No Title Name Secret Date State
2021 Application
No articles.
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No Title Name Secret Date
2020 Application
8 Workshop on Harmonizing Regulatory Pathways for Orphan Products Prof Matthew Bellgard Secret 2019.10.31
7 RHSC-AHC Workshop on Regulatory Reliance Camille Jackson Secret 2019.10.31
6 RHSC-AHC Workshop on Expedited Pathways Camille Jackson Secret 2019.10.31
5 Pilot CoE Workshop on Total Product Life Cycle of Medical Device You Kyoung Lee Secret 2019.10.31
4 Pilot CoE Workshop on Ensuring the Quality of Raw Materials in Advanced Therapies in APEC Economies Dr Phillip Nguyen 2019.10.30
3 CoE Pilot - Medical Device Post Market Vigilance Ananda Padmanabhan Muthalagu Secret 2019.10.29
2 Public-Private Dialogue PPD on experiences and good practices in quality control tests for Biotechnological products in APEC economies Mr Luis Enrique MORENO EXEBIO 2019.10.28
1 [Sample] Regulatory Harmonization APEC Harmonization Center 2019.09.26

No Title Name Secret Date
2019 Application
7 Biopharmaceuticals Workshop Lee, Yoo-kyoung Secret 2018.10.12
6 Introduction of Medical Device PWA roadmap Hyeonho Kim Secret 2018.10.12
5 APEC - Regulatory Convergence Awareness Workshop APEC Harmonization Center AHC Secret 2018.10.12
4 CoE Pilot training : Supply Chain Intergrity Hyeyoung Choi 2018.10.12
3 CoE Pilot Workshop: Good Registration Management GRM Dr Suchart Chongprasert 2018.10.12
2 APEC Training course on Good Registration Management GRM Lahouari Belgharbi 2018.10.10
1 [Sample] Regulatory Harmonization AHC Secretariat 2018.09.10

No Title Name Secret Date
2018 Application
8 CoE Pilot - Biotherapeutics Workshop James Leong Secret 2017.09.30
7 Medical Device Workshop on Roadmap Overview and Strategic Planning Kim, Hyeonho Secret 2017.09.29
6 APEC LSIF Global Supply Chain Integrity and Security Roadmap Pre-CoE Workshop Eun Hee Kim Secret 2017.09.27
5 [CoE Pilot]Medical Device Vigilance Tai-gwon, Kim Secret 2017.09.26
4 AHC-ICH Workshop in Biopharmaceuticals to Promote Regulatory Harmonization Lee, Yoo-Kyoung Secret 2017.09.21
3 Medical Device Workshop 2018 Jared Auclair Secret 2017.09.16
2 Multi-Regional Clinical Trials MRCTs and Good Clinical Practice GCP Barbara Bierer Secret 2017.08.19
1 [Sample] Regulatory Harmonization AHC Secretariat 2017.05.25

No Title Name Secret Date
2017 Application
9 To Promote Regulatory Convergence for Medical Device Vigilance - Establishing international cooperation for management of adverse events on medical device. Chunil Lim_ncis Secret 2016.10.11
8 Bioparmaceuticals(Biosimilar) Regulatory Harmonization Yoo-Kyoung Lee Secret 2016.09.30
7 Pharmacovigilance (PV) Regulatory Harmonization Kim, Sang Hyun Secret 2016.09.30
6 APEC RHSC CoE Pilot Workshop “Introduction to the Supply Chain Roadmap” Katherine Bond, ScD Secret 2016.09.30
5 Good Registration management regulatory science center of excellence pilot workshop Yu-Hua Huang Secret 2016.09.29
4 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security Kennard Brown, J.D., Ph.D. Secret 2016.09.27
3 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security Kennard Brown Secret 2016.09.27
2 Advanced Therapeutics Jennifer Harmon Secret 2016.09.23
1 Advanced Therapeutics Jennifer Harmon 2016.09.15